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Caught this GIANT BASS on a bait that most people still don’t know about (GOT A FREE REPLICA)

Although this bait has been around for awhile most anglers still don’t know about it. It’s still and underground thing at the professional level because they don’t want to expose the bait. I’ve been telling guys don;’t sleep on this bait. This won’t be the last you hear of it either.

Where to find it:






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  1. Hey Todd Iโ€™ve been fishing the Hybrid Hunter for several years since seeing your first Hybrid Hunter video of you fishing with it. I have had great results fishing it early morning, late evening in swamps in 4 feet of water over grass. Initially I wasnโ€™t able to purchase the lure locally here in Canada and was able to purchase several at Academy Sports in Houston when I was down visiting family. Question: Besides the size, is the only other difference between the Hybrid Hunter and the Hybrid Hunter Jr. the depth is goes when retrieved? Thanks

  2. I use to spend my vacations on Toledo Bend and the fishing back in the seventies was worth the sixteen hour drive. Now I am in my seventies and to old to make the trip. Now I will just have to watch Todd show how itโ€™s done. Now I think I will just go to the garage and look at my baits๐Ÿ˜Žโค๏ธ๐ŸŽฃ๐Ÿ‘

  3. Donโ€™t talk about people keeping bass until the tournaments stop doing weigh ins, the number of floating bass around ramps after tournaments are disgusting. But yall pros never want to talk about that.

  4. Wow nice fish buddy!! Congrats! The TPW has done a great job for the fish and the fisherman. I bought a couple a while back and I do like them. Thanks Todd for the videos, I always enjoy them.

  5. Great video. That huge bass had some serious stamina. Thanks for showing the process…might come In handy for that day when I finally catch a 10 lber!

  6. Congrats! Please tell Randy Blaukut we have great fishing in Texas, all during the spawn and we have great fisheries. The misinformed are spreading a great deal of unfounded science on other channels.

  7. That's was pretty cool seeing the process on how that goes down,I wish NC would do this,we have big fish but this would help tremendously,cool video Todd and congratulations on another 10+๐Ÿ‘Š

  8. Lol Yep.. I have a lake house on La side of TB. My neighbors look at me like iโ€™m crazy fishing in the heat and not keeping any bass. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. Love those baits. Funny thing is now I don't have any square bills in my tackle bag. Favorite colors are Clearwater Minnow, Oyster and chartreuse Perch and Gold. I have the smooth and haven't thrown it but may need to have it with me this Saturday on Chic. Usually throw the Jr most but will use the original on bluff walls and summer time into fall. Absolutely love this bait.
    Quick question for you, I notice it is cloudy, what was the water clarity. I usually throw oyster when it is low light, cloudy and some stain in the water. and Gold or Chartreuse Perch when it is cloudy but water is pretty clear with great results. So what made you decide to throw Smooth?

  10. Itโ€™s not just Toledo, itโ€™s state wide over here. Iโ€™ve got some friends that spend a week over each year just to stock the freezer with bass. And they wonโ€™t go to Fork because of the slot and canโ€™t keep all of them. Louisiana mentality keep โ€˜em all shoot โ€˜em all.

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