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My Top 3 Baits for Feb and March

I’ve missed you guys! Took some much needed time off for the holidays, and spent quality time with my family. Now we’re back and I’m excited! So what better way to kick it off with Top 3 Baits?!

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Filmed/edited by: Oklahoma’s Worst Angler


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  1. First time watching your video. Love it. I use most of what you presented. My top baits is 'whopper plopper', 'chatterbait', and plastic worms. Purple with a red fire tail has helped me win tounaments. Good luck to you this year 2023

  2. Edwin…This is one of your best videos yet! What I love is your don’t follow a script you just tell us EVERYTHING about a bait. I got wounded in Iraq and have a traumatic brain injury. Which leads to horrible memory, so I take copious notes of everything you say and review it even when I’m on the water! I’m older and just starting to seriously bass fish, and you are a great mentor for guys like me. Not everyone wants to tourney fish. I just want to catch fish. Thanks for the help. God Bless

  3. been struggling a lot recently in south florida canals and small lakes not getting bites or even seeing fish or beds. really wild hopefully can figure it out thanks for the video.

  4. I am so thankful for the information you provide. February in south Mississippi with 61 degree water and I was able to FINALLY figure something out – crankbaits in craw colors diving into deeper water off points. Thank you so much. I am wondering, thought – I hear you guys talking about figuring out what "stage" the bass are in. What are you meaning by "what stage the bass are in". Also, bitter-sweet news to hear about your retirement from tournament fishing. You have nothing left to prove. Have fun this year. God bless you and your family. Tight lines. Win Redcrest.

  5. Jerkbait Stunna – Stealth Shad, Hankie Pankie, Shad Fillet
    Flipping Jig with Shape 108 – Black/Blue w Black Blue Trailer, Green Pumpkin Orange w Green Trailer, Black Brown Amber w Green Trailer
    STD Power Blade (optional trailer Power Stinger)- White, White Chartreuse, Coleslaw

  6. Thanks for the awesome content !! My son is 11 and loves fishing. I make him watch these videos to help him learn. Keep up the good work and keep making these videos !! Tight lines and God bless.

  7. Thank you for the great info and breaking it down. I’m a Nitro guy and you’re on of my favorite guys to follow! Best of luck to you this season!! Tight lines.

  8. Thank you for sharing your tips on You Tube for bass fishermen to improve catching bass anytime on water. My son and I are going to fish the Skeeter bass trail in Oklahoma. Watching your video is like doing homework that could help us catch that limit or biggest fish that all fishermen dream of. Best of luck and God's blessings on you in the upcoming season.

  9. I always enjoy learning what you use seasonally. Some time it matches with how I’ve always fished, but most of the time I’m getting something I’ve never considered. Thanks

  10. Thanks for making these videos! I know have a tracker hat that you gave me last year signed by you, Ott, and wheeler. Jacob wheeler laughed at Ott's signature when he saw it.

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