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Fishermen Captures What No One Was Supposed to See

Fishermen Captures What No One Was Supposed to See.. Aside from what’s normal, there is no telling what you may find while fishing in the depths of the seas. From floating jackpots to unusual creatures in the shadows, here are some of the captures made by fishermen around the world that no one was supposed to see.

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  1. The unknown fish is called an oarfish it’s one of the most rare fish in the world. It swims vertically and horizontally usually in the very deep parts of the ocean. They are extremely fast

  2. 1:55. Are you serious, bones are all separate pieces, if you try to pick up a skeleton the only thing you're going to get is the one bone that you have your hand on. The skeleton would not have stuck together like that. It's a $2 plastic skeleton that you buy at the store and everybody knows it.

  3. Nice, of course, as fish is catched shark it was on Australia Beach, yes if I was shown videos specially made I was catched fish of course I was let it go in no time of video rules of course video only as fishers in YouTube always says that fish must be let go so they won't catch large fish if video is for YouTube but if no video for presentation and rules allow to take it yes I was take it then.

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