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My SECRET WEAPON to Catch GIANTS: Harris Chain Bass Fishing! 🙀💥#fishing

In this bass fishing video I’ll show you one of my most secret techniques for fishing Florida grass beds or anywhere in the country you have submerged grass. A light Carolina Rig or OG split shot. And to top it off I land a Massive Bass using this technique. All caught on camera, Cast to Catch. Come along as I show you the sights and how to fish the beautiful Harris Chain of Lakes! Central Florida is a premier vacation and living destination, and also my favorite location for bass fishing.

Today, we had tons of fun catching a few bass while showing you around! Do you like bass fishing? Have you ever been fishing for big bass in Central Florida? What’s the biggest bass you’ve ever caught while fishing? If you’re looking for things to do in or around the Orlando area, book a guided bass fishing trip with me and let me show you how we catch big bass on Central Florida’s famous Harris Chain of Lakes. Leave a comment below and let me know how you like these bass fishing videos. Now let’s go catch some big bass while on these loaded Central Florida lakes!


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  1. Great video and catch. I appreciate how much respect you showed that beauty!! Got her back in and swimming off asap. Lol u need a scale though man?!?!

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