Fishing a bassmaster open on lake eufaula Oklahoma
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  1. Blaming your coangler makes you look bad. He's in a tournament too and fishing from the back where YOU want to fish. Very disrespectful in my opinion, you're better than that brother.

  2. Be careful. The lord gives and the lord takes. Be greatful for even the worse days. You have everything a man can ask for which is a beautiful family and health.

  3. Yeah, looked like the better fish were out deep, maybe you’re decision to fish the river was what cost you the top ten 🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. I don't understand y guys r flipping their fish in the boat onto the carpet and letting them flop around the floor, very disrespectful in my eyes!!!

  5. Hey man, i can appreciate a guy working hard and getting to fish tournaments like yourself. I would be careful about throwing around blame. The quickest way to lose a good thing is by shaking your fist at the world and saying you were dealt a bad hand.
    Count your blessings, till the land you got, stifle your pride.

  6. Bro… don’t blame coangler haha. You signed up for a coangler included event. You knew you would have a coangler. If you worry that much about him catching your fish, move your boat away from spot of tell him not to cast there.

  7. Well, you just lost a fan. Blaming your co angler is the poorest excuse I have ever seen. If you didn't want him targeting that fish, you should have told him. That is on you. You're basically upset he caught a fish that YOU failed to catch.

  8. This is a bad look. Your co angler shouldve had better etiquette but you shouldnt have been missing them either 😅. I wouldnt put full blame on the co in the title anyways.

  9. If you had the boat positioned in favor of him flipping to it.. it's on you. Blamimg your problems on him is silly. Take your rough day on the chin. That's what separates the good from the bad..

  10. While you catch fish, you let almost all of them flop around on the deck. Not good. Fish are prone to disease and you aren’t helping their cause. Won’t be tuning in to you again.

  11. Ya thats shitty of your CO. He should of ask first. Sounds like alot of these people have no clue the money, time, an effort spent to find fish…. If it happen to them they would be upset also….

  12. Boo hoo bud. You sound like a whiny little brat blaming you co-angler for out-fishing you. 🤷‍♂

    Go take some lessons from Ben Millikan. Dude had his fishing spots SNIPED on day 1, and stolen on day 2 at Wheeler. You don't hear him complaining. He manned up and blamed himself. Try it sometimes.

    Your future co-anglers will probably see this video and now purposely try to steal your fish from you. Just saying…lol

  13. I think all that crap watching ur bait go down and seeing the fish take it. Y’all not pro’s. Y’all TV fishermen. Go back to the BASS. The old timers hand your A— to u.

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