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DUCK Bait vs. Frog Lure Fishing CHALLENGE!!! (BIGGEST FISH WINS)

I use a DUCK FISHING LURE for the first time ever!!! We do an experiment to see what catches the BIGGEST fish, the duck bait or frog fishing lure… EPIC fishing challenge on the Potomac River, which bait will win?!
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Rod/Reel/Line/Lures used:

-Duck Lure

-Googan Gold Series Baitcasting Reel
-Googan Gold Series “Muscle” Rod
-20 lb googan braid + 20 lb fluoro leader (snakehead protection)


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  1. I've owned that same baby duck lure for like 5 years – I got it from mystery tackle box back when sub boxes for fishing were new. I don't think I've ever tied it on lol

    If you think that duck is soft, take my word for it and order some scum frogs. They are quality proven lures.

  2. My name is Carter I would like to challenge you to a fishing challenge. Rules: 1: Carter Shimano Sedona and ultralight rod. 2: cj strike reservoir. 3: your choice. 4: 3:00 till sundown! 5: biggest bass wins.

  3. Another abrupt ending after talking about switching baits and bragging…….
    Don't you have enough money to pay for an editor?
    Are you getting lazy and not shooting any outros anymore?

  4. Marlows bay has an entire fleet of sunken an entire fleet of ships. Its a national park. You really need to accually bother to learn something about this history of your adopted state.

  5. Mike i just want to let you know that you’re probably the best fishing youtuber out of everyone and i have been watching your vids on my old accounts

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