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MY BIGGEST BASS Kayak Fishing!

I caught my BIGGEST BASS out of a Kayak on my secret juice lake!

Check out Sunline: https://bit.ly/SunlineHilarySue
Check out Bajio: https://bit.ly/HilarySueBajio

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  1. Ungh, Sundophin kayak. My first kayak and the worst kayak I had ever owned. Save your $550 and buy a better kayak for yourself. You will not tip over and, you will not regret it.

  2. I have that same kayak and have also learned its stability limitations the hard way, as soon as I saw you sit on the cooler I knew you were going over lol 😂 Fun video, wish I was pulling in hogs like that here in Indiana. Keep ripping lips! 🎣

  3. SCAM ALERT!!!! I was notified by someone claiming to be Hilary and told me I was selected to receive a prize package of fishing equipment and a shirt. Well turns out she scammed me out of $50 to pay processing and shipping. Never got a tracking number and then she sent me a message saying I owed more money for insurance and my prizes would be shipped after I paid for it. She even sent photos to prove she was thereelhilarysue. Has anyone else received that notification?

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