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30 Incredible Fishing Moments Caught On Camera!

Funny moments and fails while fishing!
Hello everyone! As the saying goes, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Put another man with a camera next to him and you’ll get a steady supply of funny videos for years to come. Today we’re gonna be looking at some of such videos.
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  1. These would have been great if they were all in landscape format. I am sorry to say that I do not like the current trend to use portrait style videos; it is like looking through a tunnel.

  2. I don't like sharks when fishing. They're a pain. Just when you almost have your biggest fish ever. 1 that would earn you a substantial prize, 10 feet from the boat a shark takes a bite. If you're lucky/unlucky enough you still get a portion. Salmon shark got a 30lb + bite of a 55lb+ King Salmon. I still got. 26lb and a story. Good enough I'll take it.

  3. Put a hot babe and they will watch, only to find out it was click bait…….. dislike, didn’t subscribe, and moved on to bigger fish to fry..

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