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I went to the lake in my bass boat to go bass fishing but my plans ended up changing when the boat wasn’t working properly! I went out bass fishing the next day with my friend on the lake and also did a bunch of other stuff and it was a crazy couple of days! Ive got some awesome bass fishing only videos coming soon so be ready for that!

Redfin Sunglasses (CODE adub15):

Lew’s Rods and Reels: (CODE: ADUB)

Rod/Reels Used today: (CODE: ADUB)
Thundercricket Combo (7′ M/H):
Shakeyhead Rod:
Shakeyhead Reel:

Strike King Baits/Lures: (CODE: ADUB10 for 10% off)

Lures used today: (CODE: ADUB10 for 10% off)
Thundercricket (1/2 oz. Junebug):
Shakeyhead Worm (Black):



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  1. Another sick video I am so hyped for our bass fishing season starting in 3 weeks here in 🇨🇦 we still have ice over our water eh can’t wait for the trout and bass season eh tabernac. We will be up to our tits in bass this season eh!!

  2. Always love watching your videos. Never a dull moment with your videos man. Tell ya this is what has been holding over my thirst to go fishing and haven’t been able to. Literally been going back rewatching all your videos and jotting down some new things to try that I forgot about.

  3. Catches 3lbers, "it's a Biggin' get the net" 😂😂😂 I'm not touching no net for anyone if it's not touching over 7 lbs. As soon as i would have seen I'd look at him and tell him to net his fish or flip it

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