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Fly Fishing for Shoal Bass in Georgia!!! Quick Fishing Session before Nightfall!!!

In this weeks episode of Everyday Angler we take a little road trip down to the Flint River to chase some shoal bass, me and my buddy Collin of Tail Tales Fly Fishing, made it to the park just in time to get a quick session of fishing in before we set up camp. Topwater wasn’t working out so I had to switch to streamer fishing to get these fish to bite. Caught a few fish and had a blast and can’t wait to get back to the Flint River and do it all over again..

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  1. Cool video man! I recently got into fly fishing and am wanting to make some fly fishing videos for my channel targeting shoal bass and other species of bass across GA. Still got a lot to learn but hoping to learn from your videos. Keep up the cool content 👍🏼

  2. That’s great.
    I just got me a fly rod combo from TFO … have not fished it much! Still practicing in the back yard . I live in Leesburg Ga.
    I still got a lot to learn!
    Great video

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