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MASSIVE Swimbait for HUGE Bedding Bass

I take you bed fishing for huge spawning large mouth bass! The catch is we are using a MASSIVE SWIMBAIT!

Snapchat: FishingWithNorm


What I film with…
HD Cameara: Samsung Edge —
Gopro Hero 4 Session —
Gopro External Mic —
Skeleton Housing Case —
Chest Mount —
64 GB SD Card —

Reels I fish with…
Worming/Jerkbait: Shimano Curado —
Jig:13 Fishing Concept —
Cranking: Diawa Tatula —
Frogging: Diawa Tatula —
Flipping: Abu Garcia Revo Rocket —
Spinner/Chatter: Abu Garcia Revo SX —
Swimbait: Okuma Citrix —

Rods I fish with…
Worm Rod —
Jerkbait Rod —
Jig Rod —
Cranking rod —
Flippin Stick —
Spinner/Chatterbait rod —
Frog rod —
Swimbait rod —

#bassfishing #fishing #pondfishing


We are a team of avid bass fishermen for over 20 years. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook for contests and giveaways

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  1. whippin Bass
    I got the perfect challenge that ain't been done I'm sure in Wal-Mart fishing section there's luer keychain s like crank baits lipless crank baits boppers and more buy them and the only hooks u can add is the hat clip hooks that they sell next to them and you have to tie the line to the key chain

  2. I love how you and your whole crew, (A-Dub, Noah, Lojo) are always commenting on one another's channels.
    I have been waiting, liking and commenting on all of your videos during this lockdown.
    You continue to make me smile.
    I just need to win a couple of those juicy giveaways, so I can finally get back on the water.

  3. Last week I had the best 2 days of fishing I think any fisherman would be lucky to come across. I caught a 4 a 5 then I caught two 6 pounders and an 8 pounder and a 7

  4. Where do you get big swim baits? I'm aware of the ones on tackle warehouse and bull shad's website but where else can I find/buy more? I want a collection.

  5. So I know some people are not going to like this but I think bed fishing is pretty friggin lame. To me it's like shooting fish in a barrel, I mean seriously, how difficult is it to bounce a bait off a circle a hundred times and wait for the thing to bite, that's pretty brainless imo.

    To me it goes against everything that I enjoy about fishing, sorry but this is just not my thing at all.

  6. Way to go, you and lojo tearing them up… I've got a 5" soft bluegill swimbait I'm gonna be playing with the next couple days… I'll let ya'll know if I have any luck. 👍🤞

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