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While as fishing at a creek a farmer came out and told me of a me of a pond back in the hay field. I was surprised to see what came out of the little pond. Caught a 3lb 10 oz largemouth bass, 21 inches long on a zebco 33. Cleveland, Tennessee


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  1. The closest thing to actually fishing without being out there is watching and listening to John fish. You hear the bugs and birds and Bullfrogs and flowing water. You hear the Crickhopper or Rebel Wee Craw hit the water. It is awesome.

  2. I love fishing remote ponds. We have many up here in upper east Tennessee. I live in Washington County you need to come up this an film oneday. I really enjoy your video. You give out alot of good information an tips
    Dont catch em all.

  3. I caught a few last night here at our pond. Some of my best times fishing here or in creeks. Next week we are fishing gunstocker creek for red eye bass out in meigs county.

  4. Just stopped by your channel and subbed, great videos! If you could stop by our channel and give us a sub that would be great! We are fairly new to YouTube and will post a lot of outdoor and adventures videos!

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