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Lure Fishing for Bass at LOW TIDE in Worthing

Welcome back to another video, this time me Zak & Sam met up for a evening session at low tide in Worthing. I like to keep note of previous sessions in my fishing diary/notes of what has worked and what hasn’t and it seemed that 2 years ago in the same spot, same tide, same weather myself and Sam done really well on the lures in this mark. So as everything aligned I dropped Sam & Zak a message and suggested that we should fish tonight, it was very last minute.

When we arrived at the mark it was still day light and the tide was still ebbing , we had a quick catch up and started to walk out until about waist high. Zak was into the first fish and then it carried on from there.

As always I hope you enjoy the video and please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts.

If you ever need any lure fishing tackle/rods/reel head over to Prime Angling on Worthing seafront opposite the pier. This is where I get all of my gear!



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