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How To Catch Bass with Wild Shiners – Lake Toho / Kissimmee Largemouth Bass

Catching Big Largemouth Bass on Wild Shiners is one technique that Florida Bass fishing guides are known for. While I specialize in artificial lure fishing, I know when I need to pull out the shiners to make it happen. Watching a giant Bass blow a shiner clear out of the water, as it tries to catch it, is about as exciting as it gets. In this video, I demonstrate how Florida Bass guides rig wild shiners, and the techniques used in catching fish.

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  1. Chuck,
    You mentioned viewers should suggest ideas for videos we would like, how about your favorite modifications to your boat and gear.

  2. Snore fest? He's never shiner fished when it was good! So I guess watching a show with cast after cast with no bass; fishing Artificial baits not a Snore fest? Catching fish is catching fish!

  3. I've been fish the Bass Cat Owners event for the past five years. I'm coming up up there next week to fish my ex and her cousin, so I need to watch as many shiner fishing videos on Toho as possible so maybe I'll have an idea on what areas to fish in. lol Great video by the way.

  4. Man I'd love to try this kind of fishing one day. And I've seen Roland Martin shows back in the day where they were shiner fishing so if it's good enough for him….Shake the haters Chuck. Love the videos man. Good luck.

  5. Awesome video! I'm gonna try for first time ever on Sunday to shiner fish with my little ones. This video made me confident we can get on some Sunday even tho it's my first time. I don't have a shallow water anchor on my boat.. I do have spot lock on the troll but, do you def recommend anchoring down or can I drift down wind with shiners in front drifting?

  6. Setting her in the great State of Ohio looking out my window with quarter size snow flakes falling. Now just saw a close up of your angler with a Bama hat on. Now all I want to see is him fall in after they screwed the Bucckeyes out of the play off spot. lol

  7. i have never tried shiner fishing, have always been a artificial guy and i'm interested in how do you know how deep to let the bait roam? say for instance, butler chain is much deeper than kissimmee chain, would you change the depth and how do you throw bait out with more than two and a half foot of line between bait and bobber and be at all accurate with your placement? guess i have always prided myself in trying to represent bait instead of using bait. but the truth is, you cant say anything about natural bait until you have tried it!

  8. Yo Chuck! Great Video. You guided us this past summer, we had a great time! We will be down the first week in March. I need to catch a Toad! Lol. Till then be cool brother!

  9. We live on lake Toho , we moved here 4 months ago and first day on topwater frog I caught a 6 pounder ! We’re in the bellelago area . It took me a while to figure out the colors and baits to use here . But I have found that the zoom speed worm in candy bug color will catch them anytime over in my area .

  10. We shiner fish lake Kissimmee since the early 90s we drive 15 hours every year and have great success some people say it's cheating I disagree it is much easier hooking a fish on artificial. Keep the videos coming be at camp mack Jan 15 we are hoping for the current bite we hit it like 15 years ago it was amazing

  11. Found & subbed your channel 2 weeks ago or so, via Scott Martin. Very 1st comment: I fish the Stick Marsh/Farm13 every week, because I live in nearby Melbourne. Last Saturday on the new moon, I caught a super fat 8 lb'er that was barely 23" long, on a large wild shiner. For its short length, it was as bulky & fat as any 10 lb'er I've ever caught. All my other 8 lb'ers are usually between 24.5" to 25" long. So this recent one looked like a cinder block with fins. GORGEOUS fish. I've got a word for critics of wild shiner fishing here in Florida. I've been living & bass fishing here since 1969. I love fishing artificial lures as much as anyone all year, but from mid November through April, I do use shiners on 2 separate rods ( by myself), AND cast lures as I wait for the bite. When a good bite is happening, it is quite hectic & challenging to manage, BUT SO REWARDING. In our noted big bass lakes, if you "refuse to use shiners" YOU ARE CHEATING YOURSELF. I've caught literally countless big bass 7 & 8 lbs or over, including 13 that weighed 10 lbs, and four 12 lb'ers so far. ( I've got the pictures & digital images to prove it. ) SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT OF ALL MY BIG BASS CAME FROM USING WILD SHINERS. At the end of a long life of bass fishing here, would ya rather look back and count "1 or only a few" double-digit bass you caught on artificials in your entire lifetime………..or would you rather have caught literally COUNTLESS bass over 8 lbs, with MANY of them being double-digit fish using shiners AND artificials? The correct answer SHOULD be a no-brainer. There are many techniques for shiner fishing, that DO require some practice & experience to get right. So to all you critics, stop the nonsensical ridicule, and LEARN what you've been missing & become a more complete angler.

  12. I like all of your videos Chuck. But, if you're ever fishing in Lake Okeechobee, how about trying for some BULL SHARKS? They are in lots of the lakes that go into the ocean, and I've heard that they've been seen, or caught there.

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