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Lake St Clair Spring Bass Fishing For Largemouth 04/22/2022

Randy from Scales and Tails Outdoors was kind enough to invite me out for a day of fishing the back canals of Lake St Clair for some early spring cold water bass fishing. We were targeting largemouth bass on this day.

Come along as we find that the ZMan Finesse TRD in Coppertruse and the BioSpawn Exoswim are the baits that got it done for me, while Randy had some pretty good luck on a spinnerbait as well.

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Music credits:
Sunset Lover (Zac Samuel Remix)
Copyright owners: Believe Music
I do not own the rights to this music and acquired the track from the GoPro Quik app


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  1. Nothing better then a new video from you🎉 I made 2 new videos lately because fishing season just started and I am so hyped for all the tournaments, kayak fishing, and more! I just bought my first fishing kayak as well and bought my first car as soon as I turned 16!!

  2. Man as I try catch up you upload again hahaha
    Not far of 1k now mate way to go just around the corner I'm sure with awesome content like this

    Keep it up mate 👍🏼
    Tight lines 🎣

  3. Wow….paint roller put in the boat 🤣. Nice intro Claire👊. Beauty at 7:30 mark Joe!!! That biospawn exoswim does look sweet dude!!! Over 50 fish for the day 😳 holy cow!!!! That right there was some awesome cold water bassin my friend!!!

  4. Nice I went pond hopping to about 4 different ponds yesterday and almost nothing except for 3 fish that I lost and a tiny bass the bite was so slow but hopefully ill get ‘em bsxt time 👍🏻👊

  5. We went out yesterday on the mile roads it was slow fishing looks like we should have went in the canals for largemouth the spillway had the water murky

  6. Great catches!!! This is how you get them in all sizes because you did not fish them in the pond. Pond fishing is very different because they stock more big bass. Fishing bass in public body of water is hard to get the pounders.

  7. Can't wait to see you bump measure that paint roller. Dang nice three pounder. That ned rig was kicking butt 🙂 The under spin is a cool addon on for the swim bait. You guys knocked them out excellent job!!

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