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Is That A Double Digit Bass? (Biggest Bass Of My Life)

Wow. Just wow. My first fish of the trip, finally back to my pond of giants a whole 5 years later and we caught that beaut. I’m still lost for words. I’ll link my PayPal below because takes a massive percentage. DO NOT feel pressured to donate to the channel. I love ya’ll. Enjoy the vid!

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  1. Hope the fish lived through all your drama. Watch it again and just focus on the fish. Not exactly the best handling. Try harder.
    Glad you caught a biggin.

  2. Sorry about your camera gear, but love your enthusiasm for catching a big fish anyways. Sent you a little money on your go fund me. Hope it helps a little as I don’t want you to stop posting your amazing videos!!!

  3. Not having a scale fishing for big ass bass is for sure Noah from kicking their bass TV n he's always making excuses and calling them 5lbs or bigger every fish smh I hate when a legit known youtube fisherman that lives down south with huge bass could fish anywhere without a scale let alone in most apota that are known for massive bass

  4. Great job keeping it together the way you did. Congratulations on the Mondo also. Keep up the great work Becca !! You are an inspiration to a world of young ladies out there.

  5. Good afternoon Becca from holton, Kansas. I should be fishing now but the weather is acting bad which I don't like since I would be going to the pond on my bicycle. Catch a giant bass for me please.

  6. Me sharing my emotional feelings out in the open, and in public… Ummm… I don’t know how I feel about this Becca. 😅 But… me as a grown man hearing what sounded to me like you getting ready to cry because you thought you got your 10 pounder, got me all teary-eyed! When I saw that Bucket Mouth come out the water, I thought the same thing! And I was so excited for you! Although it wasn’t a 10 pounder Becca, it’s still the biggest fish I’ve seen you catch on your channel thus far. I’m so happy, excited, and proud of you on catching your “New PB.” It’s amazing how well you kept it together and not losing that fish. If that were me, I would’ve, ( A ) Broke my rod trying to get him up onto the bank causing me to lose him… or, ( B ) Not knowing how to fight him properly by not setting the drag right, or not having the right lb test line for the job causing me to lose him. You played him well Becca, kudos to you for a job well done!

    Not to worry Home-skillet, soon, your day will come! 😉👊🏼

    Tight lines,
    ~ Manny ~ 🤙🏼

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