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Lake St Clair Smallmouth Bass Fishing | Post Spawn Pond Rockets!

Rich from @owlsnestoutdoors and I went on the hunt for post spawn smallmouth bass on Lake St Clair. While we were successful, we also caught plenty of largemouth bass and rock bass as well. What made all the difference for Rich was his custom baits. Head on over to @owlsnestoutdoors to see what it was he’s been using on the dropshot!

Locations on LSC included Metro DaySail, Metro Pointe and SANG on the south end of Anchor Bay.

Baits I’m using and where to get them:
Man Finesse TRD in Coppertruese:

Keitech Swing Impact Swimbait in Smallmouth Magic:

Here’s the link to my northern Michigan bass fishing outing:

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  1. Ok heck yah! Smmmmack down hah. Nice catches and sick intro with the music! Love the boat action. Geez I’m looking back at all your vids. You been uploading like a mad man lol. Well done!

  2. Got skunked at metro today. Luckily I could just drive to Harley ensigns to save my day. Bank had been rough lately. Glad to see you guys destroying some smallies though!

  3. I've been shocked at times how explosive the smallies can be, I have seen them jump as high as my head while standing on the bank. Love some angry smallie action!

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