Bass Pro Tour | Stage Five | Cayuga Lake | Championship Round Highlights

Check out some of the MLFNOW! live stream highlights for the Championship Round of Favorite Fishing Stage Five Presented by ATG by Wrangler.

A slow morning gave way to a speedy afternoon victory for Adrian Avena. The New Jersey pro started the day with a 2-ounce lead that slipped away in the morning run, but he bounced back to the top of SCORETRACKER® with five bass weighing 28 pounds, 10 ounces.

This win was a long time coming for Avena as his first on the Bass Pro Tour. He came close earlier this season, placing third at Stage Four and eighth at REDCREST, but he sealed the deal today with a two-day total of 58 pounds even, 2 pounds over second-place finisher Spencer Shuffield.


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  1. Why is MLF hiding the 4 people who are under investigation. What is MLF afraid of? This makes MLF look dirty 1. Even MLF commentators said it was illegal. MFL needs to tell the truth, instead of hiding behind women’s skirts. Everyone like my comments, we need to know the TRUTH.

  2. Cayuga lake is part of the 5 fingers lakes that the Illuminati uses for human trafficking. These 5 lakes are tattooed on Hunter Biden back. President Joe Biden son.

  3. Just absolute trash. Stop going to smallmouth lakes during the spawn. What a concept going for the same bedding fish day after day

  4. I’m no cinematic expert, but it seems like it would make a lot of sense to end the championship round videos with the person who actually won the championship. Maybe show a little clip of them talking when the time runs out?

  5. Just so people know NYS will be passing a law because of this tourney no tourneys during cnr season and some are trying to get mlf banned from returning to new york

  6. Like you don't have enough electronics that you need to be looking threw a megaphone now, I think it's stupid to be using a flogger, idk I think they're plenty of graphs on there boats we don't need to see someone looking threw a flogger, SMH

  7. Man I thought Saint Clair had some big smallmouth. Jeez there's 5lbers all over Cayuga. And some occasional 6ers too. Wow. Also happy for Avena that he finally got on em right and held onto it. It's about time for him. I've seen him struggle for a while. Really glad for him that he got a good major win.

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