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Lake St Clair Bass Fishing FROM SHORE

HEY YO! We wanted to take a break from the daily grind on the Detroit River, where we have been fishing from shore for walleye and silver bass for a while now. So we decided to head on up to Lake St Clair Metro Park and try our luck on some of the smallmouth from shore. There is a reason it is called fishing and not catching, which you will see from the video! Anyway, the park is nice and a perfect way to spend the weekend with your wife, husband, partner, friend, anyone really who does not like to go fishing. They can read a book, enjoy the water, and you can slay all day…the fish. Or at least try to catch some fish. I think we will be going back with the kayaks soon and seeing if we can do a little lake st clair kayak fishing this weekend. Enjoy. and as always, thanks for watching!



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  1. That was some nice fishing there I really enjoyed that i am a kid fishing YouTuber can you please! Give me tips cause your channel has just blown me away I have been subbed for a while but just recently started watching you more😊

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