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My Summertime Buzzbait System | Bass Fishing Tackle Tutorial

Try the Zman GOAT on your Buzzbait

Try my signature kits

I have new Camo hats available!


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  1. I both one 2 weeks ago 20$ canadian dollar…I tyed it polimor nut …Casted it once…Twice and Bye bye buzzbait…My line broke :(…is it because i use 12 pound Fluo lead??? Sorry for my bad english btw…:(

  2. So I lost my buzz bait this weekend, and thought I would buy a new one. You have mentioned the name of yours before, but I can’t find the video where you did. I should have saved the website. Do you mind telling me the name again?

  3. I fish swamps and beaver ponds in SE OHIO.those out of the way hidden places the fish would hit anything because they haven't seen anything.

  4. You are funny but a fantastic teacher. I am very new to this type fishing and know nothing about it. I will only be doing bank fishing when I do get out. What you teach I feel I will be able to catch fish. Thanks Man

    Ron in Los Angeles

  5. This guy is great! I feel like he drank a couple Miller lites b4 doing this vid. He don’t take himself too serious & is on point. That buzz bait is ridiculous!

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