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Lake Murray Bass Fishing (Suprise 7lbr)

Ran to do some bass fishing at Lake Murray, SC as a part of my practice. The locations and fish that I had found in the previous weeks seemed to be still around, however with the colder weather they had pulled tighter to cover or backed off a little deeper. Ended up putting a bunch of miles on the @OldTownCanoeKayak Bigwater as I scouted a few new areas of the lake and found a few new places that held fish. Luckily thanks to the @HumminbirdTV Solix, each time I come out I find a few new places to add to the arsenal.


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  1. New sub! I have a OT 106 and I am planning to drive up to Lake M to bass fish. I would love some insight on what are some dos and don’t’s and what lures and colors seem to work the best

  2. I’ve been watching your videos and noticed that you’re using a few NRX rods. Are you using the NRX 852s for shakeyheads and the 872s for small swim baits?

  3. Great video and great fish! I just subscribed…I started my own YouTube fishing channel a couple of months ago (I’m in Tulsa) and I really enjoyed your video. Keep up the good work!

  4. I agree with you on the shakey heads, switched from them awhile back, in my opinion most of them have too small a gap between the spring and hook point.

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