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3 Essential Swimbait Retrieves For Winter Bass Fishing Success

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Jonny’s Equipment:
Fish The Moment –
Blade Runner Spintrix Underspin Jig Head –
Megabass Magdraft –
Megabass Hazedong Shad –
4×4 Bass Jigs Swimbait Head –

Matt’s Equipment:
Matt Stefan Fishing –
Berkley Power Swimmer –
Gamakatsu Superline Split Rings –

Miles’ Equipment:
​​Sonar Fishing –
Z-Man Diezel Minnowz –
Hayabusa Screw Lock 958 Weighted Hook –
Z-Man TRD SpinZ –
Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon –
Fitzgerald FX8 7.2:1 Baitcast Reel –
Z-man Minnowz Swimbait 3 inch –
Z-man Finesse Eyez Minnow Jighead –
Fitzgerald Vursa Series Casting Rod 7’3 MH –
Fitzgerald S4000 –
Seaguar Smackdown Braid –
Seaguar Gold Label Leader –

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  1. I really enjoyed what Matt had to say about the wobble head. It’s definitely not one I was expecting to hear it. Do you just add one or two split rings? Thanks and appreciate the BFD channel.

  2. Great tips. Could you add in more fishing video on the water showing the tips in action? Also, the catch 15's are great. Learn alot from the lake breakdown vids then it's very beneficial to see the preparation put into practice with the fishing day.

  3. Matt continues to put out the juice with his tips! Awesome thought on the wobble head on the bottom. I’ll have to see that to my arsenal. Tight lines everyone!

  4. Favorite tip: Using a slightly heavier head for my swim bait. I typically have smaller shad on Lake Naconiche, so I use a 1/4oz head on my underspin. I may need to go 3/8oz. Always informative, BFD!

  5. Changing up and going with a fast retrieve here can be a key sometimes just forget about that period and you just do that steady retrieve when you need to vary it, thanks 😊

  6. I rarely use heavier swim bait heads so I will do that next time out. I also love the bobble head swim bait with the added split ring by Matt. Thanks for all the tips.

  7. Keep these videos coming man

    I use to never catch bass on swim baits until you started making these videos with all inputs from you and different anglers

  8. In the shallow lakes that are choked with hydrilla in the deep south, I've been taking a 3/8 oz Hack Attack swim jig head and taking the skirt off. I'll thread on a 3.25 Rage Swimmer or a Keitech 3.3 Swing Impact and slow roll it through that thick slop. It gives me a great way to fish a swim bait in the winter even though my lakes are heavily vegetated. If you haven't done so, I strongly suggest you try it. I have been just catching them like crazy with this technique!

  9. Since watching your channel I’ve been fishing swim baits a large percentage of the time. My lake here in florida only has an average depth of about 9’ but there are several large pits that were dug in it at 20’. Taking your advice I’ve gone to looking for big shad schools in there while everyone else is fishing shallow hydrilla and I’ve been on some really big fish using the Magdraft 6” & 8” swim baits that no one else is fishing for. Can’t thank you enough for this!

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