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Lake Hickory p.b. Big bass on topwaters

Water temp 75°
Water visibility 5ft
Winds 5mph WSW
Lake Hickory was finally good to me. I couldn’t get any bites before the sun came up but as soon as it was daylight it was on. First bite was a giant and jumped off. Then caught a 3.84 and a 4.98 in the fog. Foggy mornings are great for topwaters. When the shad and herring got off the bank it slowed down but I caught a few on the popper


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  1. I wish NC and in my backyard here at lake Hickory… I wish the state did more to keep the sizes and numbers on sport fishing like the amazing job Done in Tennessee. Tennessee is smart enough to see the money that can come pouring in from hotel, restaurants, baits, tackle, fuel and supply. Bars, etc. We have some great Trout spots. We need to flood the mountain with all these beautiful trout native of western NC , and bring in tons of walleye from the Midwest. They would thrive out here.

  2. Ok, probably a stupid question, but, If you were to be trying to fish on this lake (lake Hickory) from a kayak, and with the limited range by being in a kayak and not being able to run far from your launch area. Where would you feel would be the best place to launch from in early March timeframe, and why ?????

  3. Nice and creative Videos,I can see A lot of thought has been put into the content and editing of the video, This is really my favorite channel.:) .🌴🌴🌴excellent 👍👌👍👌👍 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 🌴🌴🌴 from Yanceyville—town, Caswell County vlog December 2020

  4. Hello NC Bassin, Great job on Hickory! I watch your videos and have been hoping to run across you but I have not so far. I fish Kerr Scott a lot. I have a question if you don't mind sir. Where do you put in at on lake hickory ? I go down to love lady which is about an hour and 15 min ride for me. Have been told to go down to Taylorsville Beach but I have never went to there. Have you ever put in there? Does it have good ramps and parking?

  5. Dang it man! You been killin it the last few weeks. Enjoying seeing you get into them time after time. I got one question. You may be doing this on purpose. I dont know. But, most time when you're using a plug you say what you're using or we eventually see it. Either when its coming out of the fish's face or you put it up on the screen. But, when you're fishing with a soft plastic you rarely show how you're rigging it. You'll say what it is. but not how its presented. Again that may be on purpose. (Don't want to give away all the secretes.) Or it may be that when you say what it is it should be obvious how its rigged. Not complaining. Or trying to tell you how to run ya page. Just a suggestion. Keep'em coming either way.

  6. Got 2 on high poi t city lake last week one was 6 pounds 1 1/2 oz and one that was 5 pounds 5 oz. Lost a few in 4 pound range but caught lots in 2 to 3 pound range

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