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Lake Champlain is the #1 Most Addicting Bass Fishing Lake in the WORLD

Fishing with one of my best friends Ryan Latinville a few years ago up in his home waters. Telling the story about how we originally met and talking about my first real fishing trip up to Champlain MANY YEARS AGO. Ryan remembers a truck with 3.9 million miles on it and 2$ to my name. I remember a TON of BASS being caught and being hooked myself.

PS: We just recovered this footage off an old hard drive that was corrupt so there was a couple of issues with the audio, but hopefully you enjoy!

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  1. Mr. Wheeler I have a question please do know if brother Scott Martin doing ok for himself, because as a fan he haven't been on YouTube at all sense the storm, I just wanted to make sure he doing well

  2. Definitely to like the content even if it is old. Finally got to meet JW up on Champlain couple years ago when he was up there pre fishing.
    J Wheels both you and Brody are great people, I appreciate you guys taking a few minutes out of your busy schedules to chat.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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