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I’ve NEVER Seen This Many Fish!!! (Bank Fishing)

In todays bass fishing video we go bank fishing in ponds and attempt to catch some big fish! I have never seen this many fish before while bank fishing! Do you like bank fishing? Have you ever gone bank fishing? What bank fishing videos would you like to see next? Let me know if you like these bass fishing videos / bank fishing videos. Also leave your feedback on the pond fishing videos / big bass fishing videos. Now lets go bank fishing at these ponds and attempt to catch some big bass!

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  1. bro I absolutely love watching your videos. It's always a great time. please keep up the awesome content and thank you for keeping it a real learning experience for me

  2. That video was awesome bass fishing has really taken over as my favourite type of fishing and I really enjoy your videos of bass fishing I’ve learned quite a bit I usually target trout.

  3. Man I don't think I could just walk around like Cody with just a camera and only record at some of these juicy ass spots but that's just me have to literally pay me a lot not to carry my own pole too 😂😂😂

  4. Those gizzard shad were so big that you could've rigged up a catfish rod and launched it out in the pond to hook into a huge monster catfish. Get your cast netting skills on to catch the baitfish 😁

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