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I’ve Never Caught One Of THESE Here Before!! (Swimbait Fishing)

Come out fishing with me as I use swimbaits (particularly BABY WHALES.. only the greatest little swimmers on the planet) to catch these interesting fish!! Shout out to ol’ pops for watching the kiddos so I could make this video happen! Watch out for the next video, they come out every WEDNESDAY!

As ALWAYS — Thank you for watching!!!



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  1. I like to color the tail or add a hot spot for a blast of color and stankonia, The Dip-n-Stain is not backpack friendly – grab the scent pens and keep them in a ziplock bag.
    It's fun to add stanky details to swimbaits and I think it helps. Great vid!

  2. Walleye from local urban lake… just how lucky you are lately! 🙂 another awsome angling achievment! congrAts again! (PS: enjoying a bit of luck too here in europe with some smaller zander (europian version of walleye) and some bigger perch.. so Im feelin it with you two. GL for your next adventures guys

  3. I know this is crazy and stuff but will you ask Josh if he would link up with me again like he did out in California when he gave you that ring 💍 😅🙏. I'm on my way out there on the biggest adventure yet pa pow and stuff✌️🤞

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