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Is this the HOTTEST Technique in Fishing?!? Chop Glide: BAITSANITY Chimera

The hottest technique in fishing right now is glide bait fishing, and specifically a type of swimbait lure called a chop glide. You might have heard of the Spro Chad Shad – and how you can’t find them anywhere? That’s it! We try out the new Baitsanity Chimera swimbait. An all purpose glide designed to allow anglers to chop glide along with other type of swimbait fishing.

Baitsanity Chimera

Swimbait Setup

Daiwa Tatula

Swimbait Fishing Rod

Red Label Flourocarbon

MonsterBass hat:

Lowrance FFS:

Lowrance HDS Pro:


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  1. Great video! I'm seeing more of these on the budget end and have been cautious about getting sucked in to adding these to my bait collection. This video gives me a bit more confidence in taking the dive. Always great Mikey!

  2. Thanks for the review, looks like a good one to add to my line-up . The Dobyns 795 is a great rod for those baits in the 2 to 3-1/2 oz range, been using it for years. I also like the Storm Arashi Glide, that one is another versatile budget swimbait that has caught me a lot of big ones .

  3. Great video. Bait looks awesome. I caught my new PB last summer on a cheap glide that I modified. Super expensive glides are NOT needed. Secret's out! Gonna buy that one. Thanks

  4. @mikeyballz fishing What are some lures you would recommend for florida bank fishing ponds and rivers and the colors you would recommend using? Any advice and suggestions are highly appreciated

  5. Yeah in the summer you can target singles but if they arent in the mood they will just keep swimming. Ive been trying to get behind a ffs unit with my baits with no luck. Lost a 9 at the local public state lake a couple weeks ago due to having mono spooled up 🤦 got some red label on there now ✊

  6. Hmmm … not sure $80 is that much better than $300. … lol. I think I’ll stick with my River to sea S wavers. 18 bucks and I know they already catch fish but since TW is sold out of every one I don’t need to worry … 👽👽

  7. Dude, I’m really surprised that you don’t throw big baits more. Since I went to the Swimbait Universe gathering back in April, I’ve been bit with the bug, I feel you on not wanting to pay 300 for a “boutique bait” though. The mass produced stuff fishes and catches just as well. One of the tips that I was given has helped me a lot though is “reel pops” it’s more about the reel pops than the rod twitches with a lot of glides. Try that and it’ll chop smoother than rod twitches

  8. Awesome video! I've been getting crushed on big multi-jointed swimbaits lately. Sunfish and bluegill patterns have been money. It's funny when they hit that bait like it owes them money and you bring it back to the boat and see it's a dink that's smaller than the bait.

  9. I have that same Dobyn’s rod and it is awesome! You should get a 6th Sense Flow glider and do the Milliken Mod to it because they are $25 and after you mod it it is the best chop glide I have ever used!

  10. Mikey,

    Have been experimenting with some different glide baits. Have been struggling, do well with swim baits. Thanks for the info it all helps. Gotta get my hands on one of the chop style baits. Apparently they work best this time of the year.

    You da man….

  11. I just want to vent my frustration to all you mercury guys. I bought a 2022 Tracker 190 T X Tournament edition. With a Mercury 115 xs pro. Had the boat 1 year 2 months. 1st week I had it the wheel berings came out of it. Warranty covers. 2 months later ignition switch go's bad. Warranty covers it. Now my ecu has gone out. Warranty coverage. What pisses me off I had app this past Tuesday. This is now Thursday. He just called and told me he just found the problem and all the things he checked. That he put in 10 hours of Warranty work to mercury. So he's waiting on their approval then order part and probably be next week or week after before its ready. Wtf.!! You can't tell me a certified mercury tec. Took 10 frigging hours to find this problem. I believe if anyone takes a boat to dealer and their problem is Warranty covers. They milk the hell out of it. It's free money on labor and it's bullshit to the customer. I have bass tournaments every Friday nite. Does anyone else feel like I do???? Sorry but I have to get this out there. Thanks and tight lines everyone!!

  12. I bought a Jenko Savant a few weeks ago and it is a fairly decent rod for the price. I use the Tatula 150-200’s on my swim and glide bait rods, really great reels for the price. I love throwing glides, the ferocity of the strikes are extremely addictive.

  13. Mikey I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for continuing to make GREAT content because a lot of the people I follow are not making anything on YouTube anymore,yourself Mr Bog and Swimsuit model are awesome ❤🤙

  14. Heck yeah dude. I've used weights like that, and of all sizes, to balance my glide in the sink. Still learning a lot when it comes to balancing, balasting, and tuning, from mistakes along the way, as well as watching numerous amounts of videos. Can't wait to get one over to you. Glad you're loving the technique!

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