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I Waited 10 Years To Get This $1000 Swimbait, Was It Worth It?

I have waited close to a decade to get my hands on this swimbait but was it worth the wait? The Hinkle Trick Trout is a beautfiul segmented swimbait made by Andrew Hinkle, the same guy who makes the famous Hinkle Shad and Hinkle Trout. Today, I do a quick overview of the new bait!

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  1. WOW, that swims incredible!!! Tail looks better now. His baits are insane, customer service, not so much.I just broke my PB I got on my triple trout from Manny with my tactical wake 210.8 lber in Massachusetts.

  2. I understand the amount of time and effort that goes into alot of these baits but the prices and resell values of them is exactly why I've been in the process of making and designing my own to my own liking 😂

  3. Sweet bait. What’s your knot of choice for swimbaits? Throwing that you’d have to have a knot you trust more then all others.

  4. If you aren’t living paycheck to paycheck struggling, I’d say it’s worth it, it’s an investment. You’ll probably have that thing for 10 years and one day it might be the lure that catches an absolute giant 15+. You never know man.

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