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$1 vs $100 Swimbait Fishing Challenge

Today we are going to be comparing a $1 Swimbait vs a $100 Swimbait and putting them head to head in a fishing challenge! Myself and my friend Gino are going to be fishing with these fishing lures to see which Swimbait can catch the biggest bass! What Swimbait do you think will catch em? The $1 Swimbait or the $100 Swimbait? Make sure you watch the whole video to see!

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If y’all want to grow as an angler and catch bigger fish, make sure you check out Fishinology! Myself and Gino have been working on this site for a very long time now and are ready to share it with all of you guys! So go check it out, I know you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. Why do you cast and switch hands after every cast? Wouldn't it be easier to just use a left handed reel……… ……..

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