I found the winning spot and get yelled at for it!! (Bassmaster Open Lake Eufaula AL)

First Bassmaster Open of the year at Lake Eufaula Alabama. I find the winning spot and get yelled at to become the talk of the bass fishing world for 2 weeks. Find out what happens in the full clip.

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  1. Excellent job young man for ignoring the moron when you get older like I have I just don’t handle that stuff a well me or him one would have made fool of our size !!! Good job and good luck this year

  2. That dude is an idiot. I'm from the area. He faked his name. He is a Lawyer & on Monday tried to threaten to sue everyone that slandered him. Lol

    You can't make this shit up.

  3. what kinda delusional idiot rolls up on someone half his age and proceeds to then call himself another mans name? lmao the world never stops amazing me, good on you how you handled it

  4. Hugh the guy is a total tool. I’m sorry you had to experience him. But the way you handled yourself at least earned my following on here and I hope others as well, so I hope at least some good comes of it.

  5. You were obviously harassed day 2 which you have on video – just curious what happened on day 1 when you were there fishing alongside Barnes but only weighed (3) for 10-08 and 140th place….? Did you have a bad boat # and the cranking bite that Justin enjoyed was nearly over by the time you got there? I know from the Milliken videos he was not far from there and had a great draw day 1 and caught most of his in the first 10 casts then it quieted down.

  6. “I don’t even know this guy over here”……….translation – I know this guy over here and I’m hole sitting for him. What a joke. If the other fisherman is later proven to know this guy he should be disqualified from all further open events 2023…!

  7. Ryan Ingram is a pos and should be banned from all tournaments for acting that way. I would have sat there all damn day and/or followed him around. Let's make Ryan famous cause he's the mf boss 😂 poor excuse for a fishermen and I use the men part very lightly

  8. Mercer and Zona and Hite’s best buddy. Glad the DQ’d the cheater the boss was hole setting for. Should have been a years suspension. But hey BASS is still the “good ole boys
    “ club. Makes sense why Boyd took everyone back in 2019.

    Hey Ryan go pound sand bro! I got news for you brother it's that kinda attitude that gets people shot. I don't care how completely honest you are buddy. You weren't there yesterday and we all just saw you pull up and say this is your spot. BS. Better get a bigger motor Ryan. That's how you get disqualified Bro.. really quick!!
    Who the hell died and made you the boss???

  10. I'm the boss out here ! I would of told him I'm the boss in the parking lot * and you can meet me their ! If he was fishing the derby ? Im sure he cant bully people ! Sportsmanship * and if he did run circles * Wouldnt he get DQ'd ? God knows the WHOLE story!

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