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The Drama & The Truth… The end of Norm, Ayo and Lojo

My take on Fishing with Norm, Ayo Fishing, and LOJO Fishing.. Youtube’s ULTIMATE Fishing trio… Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed and don’t forget to Subscribe!

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  1. Dang I honestly thought you guys would be above the youtube social media drama. Money buys knowledge, time and work makes wisdom. Wish I had parents, rich ones would have been cool too.

  2. f googan just solo fish there millions of people in the youtube space no you werent investing into googan and they werent happy they helped you they made you but your still here and they cant take that from you, DUDE people like you and your a great fisherman stop worrying about the corp and googan

  3. As a long time self employed business owner always spend money on things that make you money … get the best equipment that you need … toys come after years and years of work (if that’s what I want). I only spend big money on things that make me more momey

  4. This is so sad! Y’all were like dysfunctional family to me! I have no idea what transpired and so confused! It all seemed happy happy happy ! Now I have to dig further to find out. But Yak you seem to be more relatable and grounded so I subscribed to you finally and will be binging your channel and awaiting new content! Keep it real brudda

  5. O still don't get it… Well I understand why they would want to branch out doesn't mean they still cant do a video or two together… But if y'all gunna act like a couple of two year olds fight with each other on whose turn it is to play with the tractor in the sanbox… seriously grow up… Don't know why someone would not want a sponsor / affilate such as googan You are allowed to have more than just one, there is no law that states otherwise… at least I don't think there is… I recall one vid where Norm was thinking of gouing back to school… I hope thats what this is about and he does go back… otherwise this whole fiasco is … like I said … Two year olds in a sandbox… " MOMMY…"

  6. I stopped watching the Googan squad back when they had a fallen out with I think it was 1 reel 2 rods I think is who it was thats when they started becoming big and I didn't like where there channel was going on youtube but you Norm, Ayo, Lojo, Gravy haha and Trae I just love watching you guy collab together tell Trae I wanna win a fishing trip with him haha anyways guys love that all of you are still friends keep up the good work!

  7. I like how you guys can still act like adults and still be friends even though your business plans have strayed from each other everyone still is friends and don't resent each other for doing what is best for each of their families like men should instead of crying about it and arguing over it respect to all involved parties love you all

  8. 😂😂😂 love the plug man.. I wish the best to everyone that I'm subbed to Googan or not.. Everything happens for a reason and I'm down to support y'all with the paths y'all take. Glad to see you are kinda wising up on those silly purchases though.. 👍👍

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