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In today’s video, I give my friend @RobsAquatics my credit card to go on a fish SHOPPING SPREE! He had 2 hours with no budget to surprise me with any fish he wants. I ended up finding out he bought $1,000 worth of fish including a RARE prehistoric ribsaw catfish, redtail catfish, and something extremely rare! Comment names for our new fish and whether we should put the redtail into pond x!



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  1. I don't suggest you put that fish in pond x. you guys have had some cold winters and lost some beautiful fish in that pond. also everything about robs aura seemed sketchy from the moment you handed him the card.

  2. How are ells different from snake heads. Yuk.
    Im 70 y.0.. female and l've kept fish tanks most of my life . I enjoy watching you guys. Rob did a great job n so knowlegable watchinh

  3. You shouldn't put that cat fish in pond x wait until you have babies and put the babies there. anyone can find pond x and take the fish at least you have cameras watching your house.

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