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First 3 Bass Fishing Rods You Need

Bass fishing can be overwhelming and choosing the right rods can be confusing. If you want high quality and American made, here are the first 3 options for you.

3- IAP73MFs

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  1. You mentioned buggs island. Growing up… I have good memories of that place, i used to catfish their all the time with my grandpa we caught many catfish together.. More than id ever be able to count, and my grandpa would be trying to troll for cats and hed be like cursing dog on bass boats and jet skis messing up my fishing haha lol it was good times though. Are their any good size bass in buggs island? havent been in years and getting into bass fishing and would like to go some day.

  2. John, is there anyway you can do a vid on the cyclone prop jr ? There's not one video on the bait that shows what it sounds like on the water. I've got to try the Cashion flippin stick ! Thanks for the tips.

  3. Great stuff! Love your insights and suggestions. I won a Lews Tier1 7-3 Heavy/Fast bait cast rod on a Fish in with Gramps Live with guest Tom Brubaker from Lews. It's gonna be my fliping/pitching set up once I choose a reel. What would you recommend for a reel and gear ration? Don't have a boat so I'm limited to bank or marina fishing. Thanks in advance.

  4. John, I am getting that 7'6" Cashion Medium Heavy Fast for Christmas and I can't wait to put it on my hands. I want it mainly for jigs and Texas rigs because I love flipping and pitching around cover, isolated wood, etc. It just my favorite technique things to do is flipping and pitching around cover.

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