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I Bought the BIGGEST Fish in the Store!

In today’s video, I go back to the new fish store I recently found that is FILLED with rare monster fish! But this time, I bought the BIGGEST fish in the store… The MONSTER arowana! They also got a new shipment of fish in so there was tons of fish iv never seen before like exotic catfish, clown knife fish, arowanas, cichlids, AND MORE! I came across some rare vampire plecos which I HAD to have, When it was finally time to net out this monster fish he ended up ripping through 2 nets and almost jumping out of the tank! We then had to rush our fish back to my house to put them into my 7,200 gl predatory fish pond! Should we go back to this rare fish store?



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  1. The yellow and black fish is a Harlequin Lancer Catfish. Very very rare. We had 3 of them but 1 died and the other two went to a new home as they put grew the tank. They got to just over a foot long. 😊

  2. Definitely need to grab some underwater cameras to live stream what goes on within your ponds. I bet it would do rather well. For someone like myself who cannot own monster fish due to current living situations I'd love this.

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