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How To : Striped Bass Fishing | California Aqueduct Lures Edition 2023

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  1. Would the lucky craft 110 flash minnow be a good option for the aqueduct? That's what they use for surf fishing but I've had no luck in the aqueduct yet.

    Also how about a video on why different lures are best at certain times.

  2. So for those that fish a fluke on a jig, you want a jig head 1/2 Oz- 1oz (or more depending on the flow but 1oz are what I use the most) and you want to let it sink till you hit the bottom. You'll see your line go limp, or you'll feel it, but it takes practice. Bump it off the floor for more hits, especially when the temp rises and the fish stick to deeper water. For jerk baits, try to fish up stream in the eddies where the violent current ends and meets calmer water. These are just some tips that have helped me. Good luck out there!

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