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How to Rig and Fish Line Through Swimbaits

Discover the secrets to successful line-through swimbait fishing with professional bass angler Fred Roumbanis. Learn how to confidently use line-through swimbaits and improve your catch rate for bass as Fred shares his knowledge and experience with line-through swimbaits.

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• SWIMBAIT (line-thru) – Optimum Boom Boom Line-Thru Swimbait (4- and 5-inch):
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• HOOK – Hayabusa TBL930 Treble Black Nickel Hook, size 2:
• ROD – Sixgill Fenrir Series Flipping Rods, 7’2” Medium (FENRC702M):
• REEL – SixGill Hamarr Casting Reel 6.5:1:
• LINE – 15 pound Fluourocarbon

Roumbanis introduces the new Boom Boom line-through swimbait in this video and demonstrates how its size and profile should not intimidate anglers. He emphasizes the importance of a slow, steady presentation for maximum effectiveness and shows you how to create deflections to trigger fish reactions.

Roumbanis explains the advantages of line-through swimbaits, highlighting the suspending aspect and the slow, hovering technique. Watch as he demonstrates how to rig the swimbait effectively using a size 2 round bend hook and 15-pound fluorocarbon. He also shares his preferred gear setup, including a 7-foot medium action rod and a 6.5:1 ratio reel for optimal performance.

Roumbanis catches several bass throughout the video using the 4-inch line-through swimbait and a larger 5.5-inch version. He shares tips on effectively fishing around docks, pylons, and shallow flats. He demonstrates the importance of storing swimbaits in their original packaging to maintain their action and longevity.

Roumbanis also showcases some of his favorite swimbait colors, including the Crusher, Shad, Money, and the new Mint color. He advises when and where to use each one for maximum results.

Join Fred Roumbanis on this exciting and informative line-through swimbait fishing adventure and level up your angling skills.




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  1. The best aspect is that the bait separates from the hook so your fish is less likely to throw the bait. Line though as been around for 20+ years. Us west coast Boys benn throwing these for along time.

  2. I love line through baits! Six sense has some cool line through jig heads with a screw lock on them. Don’t have any yet but going to get some and try them out. I usually make my own line through’s with a coffee straw.

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