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Stay tuned as LFG gives a quick tutorial on 3 great ways to rig a swimbait! Comment below what tips and techniques you folks …


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  1. you guys need to stop calling these little paddle tail baits swimbaits. you got guys throwing this crap on spinning gear claiming they’re swimbait fishing and would lose their shit if they even tried throwing a huddleston or an actual swimbait. A paddle tail is NOT a swimbait….

  2. I’m rigging paddle tails on jig heads and holy Hang ups! I’m new to them but believe in what they can produce but I’m losing these like crazy getting hung up. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong ? I’m trying to use these to get to deeper fish but it seems anytime I throw one I can expect to lose it ! Any help would be appreciated

  3. My go to for fishing has always been a texas rigged senko but recently I've been plastic swimbaits on a jighead

    I travel alot and get to fish in different states and areas of the country and the one bait that I find I can always catch a fish on no matter where I am is a swimbait on a jighead.

    Bass, crappie, sunfish, walleye, musky, you name it they'll go after a swimbait

  4. I'm 16 years old and I love bass fishing my YouTube channel is called weekend hooker I think it's important to get the fishing industry more interested in the younger generations of bass fishermen we know more than what we are given granted I think it would be good for the future to know how the younger generation sees the fishing industry through Young minds and we can get more opinions and ideas from them

  5. Anyone have trouble with the saucy swimmer being to soft. After a couple cast or one bite the slit on top is torn and there not good anymore it won’t hold the hook

  6. Lfg thank you Soo much I wish I could spend a single day with you your full of Soo much knowledge and have that relaxed mentality that makes learning from you Soo easy thank you so much your the best

  7. 🤔 just curious and wondering here, do you make these swimbaits in a size 1-1/2 inches at all, the reason I'm asking is this, that's how small they got to be for trout fishing. That's all I fish for so I was wondering if you make them for that too or no.

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