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Laura and I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building up this Trophy Bass Lake and the lack of rain has completely stumped us…. However, God has a plan and all is well.
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  1. Glad yall got that rain. Yall was at the point of all the fish starting going belly up. Now just need enough rain to start filling it back in.

    The rain not only aerated the water though, the fresh water it added was oxygen rich that's why the big jump in oxygen levels I'm pretty sure. Hopefully it continues to rain a little at a time till the big rains hit this fall and winter.

  2. Hey guys….
    This will be my last video for next 2 weeks. I might post a few short ones when Laura and I are in Italy!!!
    If there is something youd like to see in Italy let us know and we will try to post it. Be back on the video train October 7th!!!
    Little R&R for Laura and Mike in Italy!!!!
    Until then, watch and Subscribe to Common Man Outdoors they are putting out some great vids….

  3. Love the content and information Mike 👍💯 wanna see your lake do good 👍 all because I wanna come fish Here @ L&M Lake and Gold Retreat 💯💯 I know it will Get Better 💥💥🇺🇸🇺🇸

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