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How To Make Money Bass Fishing And Keep Your Day Job…

Randy talks about how anybody can earn money from bass fishing…#angler #fish #bassmaster #fishing #fishingdaily #bassfishing #catchandrelease #bass #fishinglife #fishingtrip

Solar bat Blaukat sunglasses…

Lake map breakdowns…

Blaukat old school jig…


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  1. So your telling me I need to be single to be a professional tournament angler. My wife is not going to be happy about this, but I guess I have to do what I have to do.

  2. I think this video is bs. Just my opinion. The tournament aspect is more then just a money pit. For instance the fellowship of a tournament group of guys is priceless.I believe it is way harder to make money in these 3 examples in this video to make money. Exspecialy for someone that has a full time job. I enjoy your videos but this one was a little off for me. Thanks

  3. There's other good money in the field too. Camera men in many cases make better money than the anglers. Commercial drivers that haul sets and props around make a good bit of change, and on your off time you can do some fishing. There's plenty of other things out there I've not mentioned.

  4. 1 thing about tournament bass fishing today…with Livescope, anyone can win….it's all based on who's able to locate the most/biggest bass with electronics…once the fish are found, Livescope will do the rest….if u are able to drop a bait on a fish's nose most of your casts, u will catch fish…basically, it's going to be alot of luck in today's tournaments…whoever is lucky enough to idle over the winning groups of fish, will win….Skill & technique, aren't really the key to victories today….pretty pathetic, but that's reality

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