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*How to Fish Weeds* HUGE BASS and Pike on Big Manistique Lake (Underwater Footage!!)

I will show you how to fish weed edges on Big Manistique Lake for Pike, bass, and walleye!!

Grand Lake fishing with chartreuse twister tail

Grand lake fishing

Grand Lake fishing


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  1. Great Video! Thanks. We are heading up to Big Manistique for the first time September 20. Do you know any local guides we could hire to get an idea on how to fish multi-species? Mostly interested in bass, pike, walleye in that order. Do you guide?

  2. going up this friday, we have been vacationing for 2 weeks for 6 years and only caught 2 walleye. where do they usually go thistime of year and what shiuld i use?

  3. Always a nice surprise when you are walleye fishing and catch a pike! I just caught my first pike and now that is all I want to target! feel free to check it out over on my channel if you want!

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