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How to Fish Tubes for Big Bass – Ike Summer Fishing Tips

Watch this entire summer bass fishing instructional video for FREE! Limited time 30-day full preview at https://bassu.tv/signup/bassutube Learn about snapping a tube bait and generating reaction strikes from Mike Iaconelli, or watch one of our other 270+ bass fishing videos. You’ll learn how to catch more and bigger bass the fastest way possible, directly from professional tournament anglers with decades of experience and knowledge about fishing for bass. Learn the secret tips and tactics, but hurry, offer ends soon.

In this video, Iaconelli is sharing how to catch bass with a finesse technique called “snapping a tube”. You can use this tactic for catching smallmouth, but it’s also great for largemouth and spotted bass. How do you catch bass when they’re not hungry? This finesse technique looks so natural, it will create reaction strikes that stroking a jig might not elicit, particularly in clear water, or pressured fishing situations.

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  1. Fuck you guys! If you would have allowed the video to play and then introduced Basstv I would joined in a minute. This is all I watch on YouTube. But Nooooo… you want to fuck around with us. Stick it up your ass. I’ll watch “Ike” somewhere else and snapping the tube on another channel that doesn’t cut it off halfway through the video. Dick heads.

  2. I go to the local big name pharmacy and buy a box of 100 pairs of soft foam ear plugs, which i then take home and soak in a scent attractant Then i insert the scent soaked soft foam ear plug into the center of the tube and Texas right the tube which wil cause the tube to want to float up off the bottom . I am Killing'em finesse fishing bank lines, and it is deathly on a Carolina rig… I am a tube convert and i am sure you wil be too… Good Fishing Dude..

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