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2 Lures YOU Must Try For Summertime Pond Bass Fishing

What do you think about these two lures? They are always 2 I forget but always work when I tie them on!

Everyday Use Gear:

Big Tackle Box: bit.ly/3IBRfYt
Small Tackle Box: http://bit.ly/3IyDWrJ
MINI Tackle Box: http://bit.ly/3ktYBoG
Chatterbait Box: http://bit.ly/41ovNyJ
Spinnerbait Box: http://bit.ly/3XYhZI8
Soft Plastic Day Bag (3600): http://bit.ly/3Z4YRtq
SUPER Scissors: http://bit.ly/3Z3lDSx
Fluorocarbon (12lb): https://bit.ly/3VOwc9o
Braid (30lb): http://bit.ly/41qL0ix
Berkley Fusion19 Hooks (3/0): http://bit.ly/3EFfQKC
My Boat Tackle Bag: http://bit.ly/3EGMcVv
My Suitcase For Fishing Trips: http://bit.ly/3IW118U
Swaggy Rain Jacket: http://bit.ly/41qL55P
My Rainy Day Bibbs: http://bit.ly/3IW130w
Jacket For When Its Cold And Wet: http://bit.ly/3IWhslG
Camera Batteries Box: http://bit.ly/3Y8rrsq
Camera/Phone/Keys Box: http://bit.ly/3IWh5aM
Gopro Charger: http://bit.ly/3IYkAxi
Gopro Batteries: http://bit.ly/3Y6hvzA
Gopro Chesty: http://bit.ly/3kt7QFN
Gopro Boat Clamp: http://bit.ly/3StOqgB
Old Town Kayaks: https://bit.ly/sportsman_larrymeltonjr

AFTCO PROMO CODE: Use Code “Melton2022″ for 10% off your order!


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/lmelton.21/

TIKTOK: https://m.tiktok.com/h5/share/usr/664

Business Email: lmelton157@gmail.com
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  1. Can you talk to your people at Berkley to have them work out a deal with wal mart to stock more colors for generals and more plastics in general then what they do?

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