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How to Fish this SECRET Zoom Trick Worm Rig to Catch BIG Bass! (Bass Fishing Tips)

How to fish this secret zoom trick worm rig to catch big bass! In today’s bass fishing tips video we talk about how to fish the zoom trick worm! How to fish the zoom trick worm is very easy as it is a very simple bait to fish! The zoom trick worm can also be rigged many ways to catch bass in any conditions! This secret zoom trick worm rig is a very basic rig but when rigged and fished this way you can catch big bass in heavy cover where you would typically fish other types of baits! Learn all about how to fish the zoom trick worm with other fishing tips given throughout the video! The best zoom trick worm secret is at the end followed with a giveaway! Let me know what other bass fishing tips you would like to see next!

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  1. I forgot to say I live in Athens GA. but I grew up in Casselberry Fl. Bitters in Longwood was our go to bait and tackle shop It was awesome to see you give them a shout out and them putting out a killer product!!!

  2. I've been using Trick worms with good results lately. I've been fishing them weightless rigged Texas style at shallow targets. I add a light weight for deeper targets, like you. A friend catches lots of fish, even deep, with finesse Trick worms on finesse shakey heads. We mostly use green pumpkin Trick worms with the tails dipped in chartreuse garlic.

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