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How to Fish the Shad Spawn for Largemouth Bass

This is an amazing time of the year. In this video I show you how to fish the shad spawn for largemouth bass. There is a specific time of the year and time of the day where the bite can be awesome but if you sleep in you will miss it. In the Spring and after the bass spawn the shad move up to spawn and the bass hang around for an easy meal. Grab your favorite spinnerbait or topwater and go have a blast fishing for big bass.
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  1. Thanks much. I watch a lot of fishing video channels. Your is pretty much the only one that counts. The others talk about how to fish, they don't actually give you practical application. There is a huge difference between talking about it and showing how it is done while explaining in plain english. Thanks again.

  2. Great info. My water temp is 72. I'm on the water before daylight and catch bass until the sun breaks. Spinner baits and lipless cranks. When the bite stops I paddle for exercise. Sure makes a great morning of being retired.

  3. Great video fluke master wished you would come back to pickwick an let’s fish more ledges , I live next to pickwick an it’s a blast getting close to that time again.

  4. Love the videos I recently just started fishing and really enjoy it and watching visited that help me learn about the sport, anyway thanks for all the tops you share and pls keep making videos

  5. Is this similar to a carp spawn? My local lake has enough carp to walk across the lake during the spawn, and I find it really frustrating. Until this summer, I'd been fishing from shore. This summer I finally got my boat on the water, and am learning new techniques for finding and fishing the bass. I really enjoy your videos, and want to thank you.

  6. W e don't have Shad in Maine at least not at the local lake. Shiners are our common bait fish could you tell me how they compare? Love your videos man im addicted if i have leisure time and im not fishing i'm learning about it from you and a few select others. Thanks again.

  7. I'm up in MA and kayak fish on ponds and reservoirs, smaller lakes – not sure if we have a shad spawn, but I did want to make a comment. You are one of the best youtube posters as you really tell us exactly how to fish with great detail on lures, equipment and technique. You even remember to talk about environmental stuff. Just find it incredibly helpful. I started fishing last year and you have contributed mightily to my vastly improved angler ability. Keep up the good work and thanks for educating! Cheers!

    Ari Stonehill, Newton, MA

  8. hey great video!! Very informative. I got a question I was bank fishing for bass on a point that has bank ledges. I was using casting jig and they kept getting hung losing them. Is it smart fishing ledges on a bank? I never seen and videos from any bass fishermen on tip on fishing ledges on a bank.

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