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How to fish the Senko for big Bass!

I explain the ABC of fishing the world’s number one lure, the Senko! I’m fishing the famed Headwaters lake in central Florida and the bass are really biting.


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  1. After watching Rolland's videos on bait casting reels and the senko worm I bought both. I used to catch one or two bass per trip. I caught 25 bass in three short fishing trips on a lake where nobody else was catching anything. Best bass lure I have ever used.

  2. Great video, do you nail weight it or no if so where at in the senco? You teach me so much and love the way you teach me the right way ! Nice bass Roland, keep it up !!!

  3. Mr. Martin. Have been catching a lot of Snakeheads on Senkoโ€™s in S. Florida. Most on a wacky rig. So much so I prefer it over a frog. Ever thought about doing an episode on Snakeheads?

  4. Thanks Roland, hard to beat a senko. That's my go to bait when nothing else works. Sometimes, I start out with a senko ๐Ÿคฃ

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