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How To Fish Small Ponds – Bass Fishing Tips

These are the best pond bass fishing tips. In this how to fish video I give you some tips on how to fish small ponds. If you want more bass fishing tips or how to fish videos… Let me know!

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  1. Do you or anyone else have some tips for fishing ponds with largemouth and spotted bass that are often fed other food? Just got skunked after 6 hours of pond hopping 3 ponds and sight fishing massive bass and not a single bite.

  2. Hey man Ive been fishing for about like a month now and I would say I got the hang of it, I’ve tried serval spots but I haven’t ever caught a fish, sometimes I would feel a bit and I would pull my rod back and start casting but would always loose THEMMM, and prolly lost 2 fish that was hooked but couldn’t get him out the water unfortunately

  3. The first fish gets set back in the water so gently. Bait gets lost. Catch 2nd fish… Yeet 'em back in the water. I burst out laughing because the differences caught me off guard. Appreciate the video. I'm just starting to get in to fishing. These videos help a lot

  4. Great video. But one tip is probably think a bit more about what you want to say before you start cause ended up saying in the first minute: "small pond, small area, small pond, pond small, pond, small area, pond, small"

  5. Too bad I live here in New Jersey because all the lakes and ponds are overfished and poachers have ruined everything in this state law enforcement don't do anything even hunting is being ruined by idiot poachers I wish I lived somewhere else! For better fishing and better neighbors uggggggghhhhhhh

  6. I'm subscribing. I'm in Texas around fall season at a catch and release pond. On my first day I caught a bass. My first fish ever! But ever since, nothing. I thought I was doing everything right which I was but wasn't, this video really helped me. I was doing everything you were doing, but I wasn't moving to other areas.
    I hope this afternoon I can catch another. On the day I caught the fish I was fishing in the afternoon and the other times I tried in the evening and the morning… I understand now they like the afternoon in the late months. It's Texas and they say it's the perfect season right now. Wish me luck.

  7. I went looking for a video on how to catch bass I've mastered the bluegill how do I catch something different in these small lakes and ponds thank you for your time

  8. Thanks for the tips man but I usually cast out with a plastic craw in the middle of the lake with a lot of structure and got one when it landed in the water. This is really helpful thanks a lot

  9. Although I’m just now watching this video that was made 3y ago, I would appreciate if you would make a video of how to hold a fish by the gills or any pink would suffice.
    Then ducks in the background going waddle waddle

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