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How to Fish Blade Baits for Smallmouth Bass! – The Best Winter Bass Fishing Bait!

Learn how to Fish Blade Baits for Smallmouth Bass! The blade bait might be the best winter bass fishing lure of all time as it works no matter how cold the water gets! You can even fish blade baits through the ice! Today we will be talking about how to fish blade baits for smallmouth bass but it even works for largemouth bass! This is a very basic introduction video to how to fish blade baits for bass! Hopefully this video helps you learn how to fish blade baits for smallmouth bass and has you catching more winter bass in no time! Let me know what bass fishing tips you would like to see next!

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Blade Bait –

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  1. Great video on blade baits. Maybe you should consider a left handed bait casterโ€ฆ.you spend so much time and wasted energy switching hands all the time, just sayinโ€™

  2. What size/type of treble to swap the hooks out for? Split ring size? Any guidance on how to know if hooks need upgrading? I was successful last summer using blade bait for walleyes. Thanks the tips.

  3. Great tips, I own a couple Death Stalker blade baits, but never really knew how to fish them. Thought it was mostly a vertical technique, so I'm glad you showed it can cover water and search too.

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