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How to Fish Big Swimbaits Around Hard Cover

Few anglers have invested more time and passion into the art of targeting big bass with swimbaits than Brandon Palaniuk.


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  1. I think it's amazing how eerily similar to a real fish some of those swimbaits can be. I have several that if you didn't know it was a bait, you'd think it was a real fish. My two favorites to throw are a bluegill and a shad imitator. They've both done good work for me.

  2. Thanks for this one, I've been on a big swimbait kick for a year now, it is THE most fun, but most fatiguing way to get bigs consistently. A lot fewer bites, but the smallest I've taken on a big glider was a 2lb'er. I fish primarily ponds right now and its fun getting the "man, are you fishing for sharks?" type comments. If they happen to witness a catch, it usually blows their minds. I've gotten my biggest fish of both this year and last fishing tight to the bank along cover.

  3. Love it! I just started throwing BIG swimbaits just over a year ago. Out here in So Cal our bass get pretty frigin big! That said, I’m heading out to Tennessee next week on my annual fishing trip and plan on spending a full day throwing BIG glides and swimbaits! Personally, just throwing these huge baits around with the proper gear is fun in itself… when a true giant commits… cherry on top of the pie!

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