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How To Fish a WHOPPER PLOPPER (Topwater Bass Fishing)

Learning how to fish a whopper plopper and catching fish on a whopper plopper is one of the most exciting ways to catch a bass.

A whopper plopper is a topwater that is a mix between a buzzbait and a spook. It catches giant bass and a lot of bass.

Knowing what whopper plopper colors you need, as well as how to fish it and what equipment you should use are all important to catching fish on this exciting bait!


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  1. It is weird because I got this lure and I caught some bass but it seems like it flips over or tilts when retrieveing even when I have a swivel barrel on how do I fix this

  2. Last year I was using the lure and he smacked it with his tail and it just missed my head. Went right back and nailed him. Thank you for the tip

  3. useing a bait caster if your lure it's the water hard you not feathering your thumb on the spool it's makes no matter what size lure I use it never makes a big splash it's caused by useing the breaks and not you thumb I never use the breaks when I learned to use a bait caster they didn't have breaks

  4. I've used whopper ploppers sadly no luck. I've even had the plopper lure imitate a minnow bait fish an no luck. When I use the kvd splash an fish the lure to imitate a bluegill bass crush the kvd splash

  5. The whopper plopper i fpund at the edge of the potomac river and have been using is not like any of those. It has no moving tail. The tail is plastic strings stuff covering the 2 hooks…

  6. Many of my bites come when the bait hits the water. Rarely do they bite on the retrieve.

    I throw it out there, and then let it sit a few secs, give it a twitch. Thats how to get them.

  7. "Good Morning Bass Fishin' FREAKS"

  8. Do you have a recommendation on a brand to purchase. The River2Sea ones are pretty pricey, and as new to bass fishing was hoping there might be another brand that you would recommend. Great video. I really enjoyed how you showed the miss, followed by the hit on the worm in a non-edited take. Really speaks to your experience when you can give advice and then demonstrate it.

  9. Whopper ploppers are easy to fish. Just remember they only work on videos and not real life and then put it back in your tackle box and grab anything else.

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