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How To Fish A Jig…For Beginning Anglers

Randy gives an on the water demonstration to show Anglers that are just beginning how to work and fish a jig…#jigfishing #bassjigs #bassfishing #fishing #fishthemoment


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  1. Thanks for getting to the point. Most videos I've come across have guys showcasing their catches, make an advertisement, talk about the benefits of jig fishing, but never teach you how to work it.

  2. One thing you will need to do, especially if you've never fished any type of artificial lure before is to learn to tell the difference between a strike and bumping a rock, tree, or other objects in the water, this will keep you from setting the hook and getting hung up. He's also right about watching your line. Fish don't always hit bait or lures hard. Sometimes especially at times when the fish are less active you won't even feel the strike you'll just see your line move.

  3. Hello from the uk this is just the video I’ve been looking for thank you 🙏 just a quick question on the first technique you showed with the rod between 10-12 after you done the quick snap and the jig hits the bottom do you reel in the slack then repeat?

  4. I watch a bunch of your videos and just have one question, there are tons of lures out there, is it better to try and learn them all or master 4-5? Everyone fishes in my family and I flat smoke them all every time out, they try the latest and greatest. I just have a few things I throw, that you can work a bunch of ways…. Which do you think is better?

  5. So I fish for trout so the water is never still like that. That being said awesome lesson bc I've never jig fished before but have been trying to figure out how and in this 1 video you've showed how. Thanks very much

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